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Inkjunkys Tattoo Studio


1. Remove bandage when you get HOME.

2. Hand massage tattoo thoroughly with cool water & mild soap. Rinse away ALL slimy feel then gently pat completely dry.

3. Apply an ultra-thin layer of Aquaphor. Repeat #1-#3 every several hours until healed. The more you wash, the faster you heal.

4. Do not allow the tattoo to dry out. Do not rub, scratch, pick or peel your tattoo, this may result in scabbing & loss of color.

5. Always wash your hands & your tattoo before applying aftercare.

6. Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight for 4 weeks. Use an SPF 50+ when in sun after healing, if tanning, cover the tattoo completely--every time!

7. The tattoo may flake like a light sunburn, after this time switch to a lotion until the tattoo is no longer glossy.

8. Contact the studio & your doctor if you think you have an infection. Symptoms: broad red border surrounding the tattoo, red lines radiating away from the tattoo & excessive oozing accompanied by fever.


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