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Tattoo Artist Needed!

Inkjunkys Tattoo is currently looking for a licensed tattoo artist. 3 yrs minimum experience required, no drugs, rock stars, bad habits, hookers, momma baby daddy drama or any other major brain malfunction that detours the creative imagination we want to pay you for! Did I mention a good work ethics is a must? yep, I did :)

For details, call the studio and lets talk about the next step! 918-770-2757

You may also email us with a link to your portfolio at


Piercer Needed!

Inkjunkys Tattoo LLC is needing a professional licensed piercer for the studio. Commision is based on experience. 3 years minimum experience, portfolio and refereces are required. Contact the studio for more information at 918-615-3310


Inkjunkys is an incorporated business

Inkjunkys Tattoo LLC is owned by Mel D. There are no other owners of this business.


Bank cards and credit cards accepted!

Inkjunkys Tattoo accepts banck cards and the 4 major credit cards. We also accept cash too!