Welcome to Inkjunkys Tattoo LLCs! Here you will find who we are, where we are located and how to get a hold of us. Scroll down and Enjoy!


Mel D founded Inkjunkys Tattoo LLC in 2000 located in Conway Arkansas then moved the studio to the Tulsa Oklahoma Metro area in 2008. Since the creation of Inkjunkys, the name has evolved several times while keeping the word "Inkjunky" Now, the studio is known as simply Inkjunkys. Mel has been tattooing since 1987.


Bret Blevins is an Oklahoma native. He started tattooing in [date] in [city] Oklahoma. He fits very well into the Inkjunkys Tattoo LLC family because of his clean line work, vivid color applications, constant desire absorbing knowledge in art, and a supurb humblness. btw, this guy can draw!!


Coy Johnson is an Oklahoma native from Sapulpa Oklahoma and a former apprentice of Mel D. He is a [year] graduate from [school] with a [degree] [major]. He has won many awards with his art including {awards list]. Coy is an extremely experienced artist that blends his creative details into every tattoo, making him a key figure in the family of Inkjunkys Tattoo LLC.